How To Write Informative Product Reviews

June 13, 2022 By admin 0

Product reviews are valuable tools for shoppers. Most people make use of these reviews to choose the most suitable and cost effective models and brands for their needs. There are a number of blogs and forums dedicated to product reviewing, many of which welcome reviews by members and visitors.

Importance of Product Reviews

Product reviews serve an important function as far as shoppers are concerned. The literature produced by product manufacturers is skewed towards garnering sales and therefore tends to exaggerate the desirability and usefulness of any given product.

Unlike such promotional literature or advertising content, product and services reviews are ideally written by an impartial assessor. They are generally written by someone who has actually used the product and is an expert on the subject. Unfortunately, many reviewers often enter into a partnership with a particular company or brand whereby the writer receives certain benefits from the product manufacturer in exchange for a favorable review. This is a far from ethical practice and will only harm the credibility of the reviewer in the long run.

Reviewing a Product

There are certain essential points to keep in mind when reviewing any product. The first of course is to keep a totally objective frame of mind. Other considerations include:

* Taking the time to fully evaluate the product: Never review a product at short notice. For example, if a product’s literature says ‘wait thirty days and see the difference’ then, do wait at least a month before writing your review. If you haven’t done so, be sure to mention the fact in your write-up. Jot down your thoughts and ideas as and when they occur rather than try and cobble together disparate thoughts at the last minute. Be sure to backup your opinions with examples and hard data.

* Be thorough in your research: What is the produktteter brand name? Who is the manufacturer? What features does it offer and how does it compare with those of competitors? Is it the first in a new line of products or an update of an earlier model? In case of an updated product, are there any new features and how does it compare with those of its predecessors? How does the product compete with similar products in the same price range? Taking the time to research the product ensures that your review is truly informative.

* Your job is to critique, not criticize: this is a common mistake on part of new reviewers who often end up being unnecessarily harsh in their effort to be ‘critical’. This does not mean you excessively praise a product. Rather, give a fair hearing mentioning both the positive points as well as the negative ones. Don’t simply stop at pointing out a flaw or a weakness but also give possible solutions. This will make your review useful both to the customer as well as the manufacturer and will go far in establishing your reputation as a good reviewer.

Writers of product reviews perform a valuable public service. As your experience grows, you can even turn product reviewing into a full-time career. Many industry publications hire experienced reviewers either on a contractual basis or as part of their in-house team. Starting your own product reviewing blog is another potentially profitable option.